Continuous Integration with JenkinsΒΆ

Each change made to Sahara core code is tested with unit and integration tests and style checks flake8.

Unit tests and style checks are performed on public OpenStack Jenkins managed by Zuul. Unit tests are checked using python 2.7.

The result of those checks and Unit tests are +1 or -1 to Verify column in a code review from Jenkins user.

Integration tests check CRUD operations for Image Registry, Templates and Clusters. Also a test job is launched on a created Cluster to verify Hadoop work.

All integration tests are launched by Jenkins on the internal Mirantis OpenStack Lab. Jenkins keeps a pool of VMs to run tests in parallel. Even with the pool of VMs integration testing may take a while. Jenkins is controlled for the most part by Zuul which determines what jobs are run when. Zuul status is available by address: Zuul Status. For more information see: Sahara Hadoop Cluster CI.

The integration tests result is +1 or -1 to Verify column in a code review from Sahara Hadoop Cluster CI user.

You can put sahara-ci-recheck in comment, if you want to recheck sahara-ci jobs. Also, you can put recheck in comment, if you want to recheck both jenkins and sahara-ci jobs.

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