Vanilla Plugin

The vanilla plugin is a reference implementation which allows users to operate a cluster with Apache Hadoop.

For cluster provisioning prepared images should be used. They already have Apache Hadoop 2.7.1 installed.

You may build images by yourself using Building Images for Vanilla Plugin or you could download prepared images from

Vanilla plugin requires an image to be tagged in Sahara Image Registry with two tags: ‘vanilla’ and ‘<hadoop version>’ (e.g. ‘2.7.1’).

The default username specified for these images is different for each distribution:

OS username
Ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu
Fedora 20 fedora
CentOS 6.6 cloud-user
CentOS 7 centos

Known issue:

Cluster Validation

When user creates or scales a Hadoop cluster using a Vanilla plugin, the cluster topology requested by user is verified for consistency.

Currently there are the following limitations in cluster topology for Vanilla plugin:

For Vanilla Hadoop version 2.X.X:

  • Cluster must contain exactly one namenode
  • Cluster can contain at most one resourcemanager
  • Cluster can contain at most one secondary namenode
  • Cluster can contain at most one historyserver
  • Cluster can contain at most one oozie and this process is also required for EDP
  • Cluster can’t contain oozie without resourcemanager and without historyserver
  • Cluster can’t have nodemanager nodes if it doesn’t have resourcemanager
  • Cluster can have at most one hiveserver node.

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