How to build Oozie


Apache does not make Oozie builds, so it has to be built manually.


  • Download tarball from Apache mirror

  • Unpack it with

    $ tar -xzvf oozie-4.0.1.tar.gz

Hadoop Versions

To build Oozie the following command can be used:

$ {oozie_dir}/bin/ -DskipTests
By default it builds against Hadoop 1.1.1. To built it with 2.x Hadoop version:
  • hadoop-2 version in pom.xml files should be changed. It could be done manually or with following command(You should replace 2.x.x to your hadoop version):

    $ find . -name pom.xml | xargs sed -ri 's/2.3.0/2.x.x/'
  • build command should be launched with -P hadoop-2 flag

JDK Versions

By default, the build configuration enforces that JDK 1.6.* is being used.

There are 2 build properties that can be used to change the JDK version requirements:

  • javaVersion specifies the version of the JDK used to compile (default 1.6)
  • targetJavaVersion specifies the version of the generated bytecode (default 1.6)

For example, to specify 1.7 JDK version, build command should contain -D javaVersion=1.7 -D tagetJavaVersion=1.7 flags.


To build Ozzie with 2.6.0 hadoop and 1.7 JDK versions following command can be used:

$ {oozie_dir}/bin/ assembly:single -P hadoop-2 -D javaVersion=1.7 -D targetJavaVersion=1.7 -D skipTests

Also, pig version can be passed as maven property with -D pig.version=x.x.x flag.

Similar instruction to build oozie.tar.gz you may find there:

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